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The new Echelon Camo Edition gaming headphones stay true to their name as they help you rise through the gaming ranks. Put them on and you can immediately tell the difference compared to bog standard headphones. Of course you’ll first notice the textured exterior, which is a clear shout out to the digital camouflage patterns found  in many a beloved first person shooter.

A higher echelon of gaming comfort

Then there’s the 100mm ear cups, or cans. These offer a really nice and tight fit that stays comfortable thanks to soft materials. The headband has been force-tested on a variety of head shapes and sizes (hopefully not real heads) to ensure optimal clamping pressure, so the Echelons grab your head gently, but firmly. They really do sit very well on the head, and they block up to 30dB of external noise, which is much more than regular headphones.

The mic tucks in neatly into the headphones themselves

The product weighs 268g which includes 50mm neodymium magnet drivers that conduct sound with clarity and force. The 2.5m cable is braided – a feature I always adore as I use headphones for all my gaming and have had a long and bitter history with tangled-up headphone cables. Braided means stronger and longer-lasting, plus you can wrap or fold the cable and it will still retain its proper shape.

The microphone has noise-filtering built-in, plus it retracts into the ear cup which is a neat touch. All told, Echelon Camo Edition headphones are quite close to their ROG headphone peers, though branded ASUS. I’ve tried them a lot and like them. I’m a pretty basic type of guy, so for me the main things are comfort and sound isolation and in those two departments the Echelon Camo Edition shines.

For now I only have a couple of pics to share, but stay tuned for the full unboxing, coming soon!

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