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The gaming notebook has evolved. Once upon a time these machines were stared at in horror by the avid gaming populace but today, oh today, these gaming behemoths are packed with so much juicy stuff that they are creations of beauty. And the brand, shiny, new ASUS G75VW and G55VW machines are definitely in this league.

ASUS G55VW gaming notebook

The lovely ASUS G55VW gaming notebook

These two gaming notebooks are the fifth generation of the powerful Republic of Gamers (RoG) G Series with third generation Intel Core i7 processors, the latest Nvidia GeForce GTX 660M/670M GPUs, 16GB of DDR3 DRAM and support for dual hard drives in RAID 0/1. Yum.

Oops, I think I may have started stroking the pictures…

ASUS G75VW gaming notebook

You see, these two gaming notebooks from ASUS have been designed specifically for the gamer and they show that they understand what a gamer needs. You don’t want a machine that’s going to overheat and go pfft at the first sign of high-stress performance, or that collapses at the mere mention of the latest games and the G75VW and G55VW don’t

Let’s just take a peek at some of the features. First up is the intelligent thermal design. The new G Series have an intelligent dual thermal system with a rear-venting design – the heat is not aimed at you (which is great, unless you live in the Arctic) but rather out the back. The G55V has two fans while the G75VW has dedicated fans for both the CPU and the GPU, and they have detachable fan filters. Nice.

So, that’s the heating sorted out. What next?

Well, how about the fact that you can do all of this gaming in 3D? You get the DirectX 11 special effects and delicious frame rates along with the active shutter glasses and Nvidia 3D LightBoost technology – although this is only on the G75VW. Yeah, you can game in 3D, on an HD screen. The G55VW has a 15.6” screen while the G75VW has a 17.3” screen.  Both are non-glare LED and offer a 1920×1080 resolution which will go easy on your eyes – they will appreciate the reduced eye strain and the lovely graphics.

Still not convinced?

ASUS G75VW gaming notebook

The gorgeous ASUS G75VW gaming notebook

Ok, ok, how about the fact that these gaming notebooks are designed to look like stealth fighter planes? Hey? Yeah, that got me too. Then again, I am rather shallow and looks do count for me, so these are just cool. You get a one-piece backlit keyboard with isolated arrow keys – I love this detail – and the body of the notebook has been slightly tilted so that it is more ergonomically comfortable for a long gaming session. Considering how addictive I am finding my current game, this last feature is appreciated.

So, there you have it. The latest beauties in the ASUS RoG G Series of gaming laptops – the G55VW and the G75VW – are about to lurk dangerously on a shelf near you. Tempted? I know I am…

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