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Yes, yes, I know that Christmas has been and gone (why can’t we have second Christmas!), but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the Christmassy spirit just yet. Oh no. There are still a few days left of the relaxing and eating and sleeping and enjoying. So why not use these four fabulous apps to add a little Christmas character to your holiday snaps – perfect for photo editing and fun on your ASUS Transformer.

ASUS Transformer Android Apps

Christmas Frames is awesome and ridiculously simple. It is a free Android app that lets you add frames to your Christmas photographs and post them to Instagram. There are effects, text options, captions and cool extras that are lots of fun to play around with. You can pull shots from Facebook – great if you are on your Nexus 7 – or from your phone gallery or even from your camera.

Photo Effects: Spacie is next on my list although it is not technically devoted to all that is Christmas. Instead you get a very impressive array of features for an app that costs absolutely nothing. You will need the Transformer Infinity for this one as it demands quite a bit of processing power and is incompatible with the Nexus 7 or lesser Transformer models.

Christmas HD is not a free app but it is an HD, 3D and every other kind of D app that is loads of fun, even though Christmas has ambled past. You can use this app to place that family shot of you out by the tar pits into a cozy and picturesque shot of you all by the fire. And so much more. I love this app and the fact that you can create your own wallpaper is a total bonus.

Christmas Frames is the last Android app that’s a charmer for adding some festive glee to your images. This app is free and comes very highly recommended by other users for its ease of use and seamless integration of effects with the image. You can add the shots, play around with the special effects and then print them out without too much hassle.

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