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There have been mixed reviews about the latest operating instalment from Microsoft – the touchscreen and tablet focused Windows 8. The standard PC users are looking at the differences between Windows 8 and Windows 7 and wondering how they will ever cope with the chasm, but tablet users are wondering if perhaps this is the ultimate operating system for the portable market.

ASUS Windows 8

So why is the operating system worth looking at? What features stand out? Here are five that I think could make all the difference.

  1. Value for money. Windows 8 is cheap. There, I said it. It is not even remotely as expensive as any other incarnation of Windows which means that anyone can afford it and you won’t spend a month or five muttering about the cost of upgrading.
  2. Faster. It is more resource efficient and will speed up older systems as it frees up more space for processing.
  3. Free music. Windows 8 comes with an app that’s similar to Spotify and that gives you access to a fairly impressive range of free music. All the better to work with…
  4. It is ubiquitous. The fact that this one operating system is compatible with all types of platform makes it far more useful than previous attempts. Now your operating system is the same for your touchscreen all-in-one, your desktop, your tablet and your laptop so you can do the same things across all devices. Much better.
  5. It’s retro, dude. Windows 8 is compatible with all the legacy applications that you have sitting on your PC. You don’t have to fork out for newer versions as the system is backwards compatible. Nice.

What features in Windows 8 appeal to you? What has you thinking that you may pop out and upgrade your machine? Tell me here…

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