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Michelle is one of the key designers on many stylish ASUS products we all use and we’re very glad she took some time off to speak with us today!

Michelle embarking on one of her many global expeditions!

So when did your ASUS adventure begin, and how?

Back in 2007 when I decided I just wanted to try something different from my previous work in fashion magazines. Not an easy switch at first.

What was your professional background before that?

I worked in Sydney for five years, both in advertising agencies and brand consultancy, before relocating to Taipei six and a half years ago where I joined a premium magazine publisher as a senior art editor before joining ASUS.

Can you share with us some of the products that you’ve designed?

Although I have some industrial/product design background, my main responsibility at the ASUS Design Center is visualization manager, planner and designer. Our small team in this big design center family is mainly responsible for flagship notebook product demos and concepts.

Here are some recent examples:

ASUS Taichi:


2012 G Series:

I think people will also like these product demos/videos produced by our team:

Any big developments currently going on? Don’t reveal any secrets, just overall obviously!

Ha, of course we’re designing more exciting products that people will love to use. Apologies for the generic answer, but confidentiality requires it.

For designers, what is the biggest difference between consumer technology and other product types?

Not really a big difference as the same creativity applies.

What would be your dream design project?

To design a collection of furniture, interiors and visuals for an ASUS flagship showroom.

Do you do any creative work in your free time?

Yeah, just sketching some furniture pieces that I would like to make for myself

We’ve heard you have quite a lot of global experience, how does that figure into your work and creativity?

I’ve lived in both New Zealand and Australia for almost 20 years. I’ve also spent six months as a backpacker travelling by myself all over Europe right after graduation from post-grad. During my travels the architecture, colours and designs I saw, and the local culture and food I experienced, taught me a great lesson in appreciating cultural differences. I also learned that design must be intuitive, universal and able to break all language barriers.

What’s the single most important thing you’ve learned recently?

Team work is a formula for success!

And finally, any words of advice for people who want to go into design?

You will need to have a passion for art, design, and technology, you’ll need to collaborate with teams of people to make things work, and always keep deadlines and budget in mind. Always stay creative and have fun with design!


Thanks a lot for the chat and input Michelle!


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