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Missing the Start Menu and bursting into tears every time you turn on your PC, laptop or Windows 8 device? Well, you can put the Christmas-themed tissues away because here is how you can set up your Windows 8 to give you that all important Start menu that you miss so much.

Asus windows 8

First off, please note that this will not look like your old Start menu. It will perform the same function, do its job with pride and it will happily allow you to customise it to your heart’s content, but it is not the same thing. Purists can go back to their tissues, the rest of you read on…

You are going to need to choose an app for that and there are, fortunately, quite a few apps available. Power8 is a free tool that pops the Start button where it used to be and you can customise it to feature those programs that you most regularly use. It even lets you control your computer’s status – Awake or Restart.

Win8 StartButton is another free service, Pokki for Windows 8 is an incredibly slick and versatile app that has convinced me, and others, that it is one of the best around. Finally, there is StartMenuX that is quite heavily customisable and has a few hiccups, but that delivers on the Start Menu promise.

I have also been recommended Classic Shell by other users who really like the fact that you can get down and dirty with its customisation,  and that it includes features from different Windows versions which is a bit of a trip down memory lane.

Take a look at these beauties, let me know what you think, or, if you are totally rocking the Windows 8 world, give me your Start menu walkthrough…

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