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In my last post I looked at some of the most exciting features surrounding AMD’s upcoming APU, Trinity, and why this is something that’s worth stopping and looking at, especially if you’re a gamer. ASUS is definitely not a slacker when it comes to getting on board the technology bandwagon and have released not one, but four Trinity-ready motherboards.

ASUS Trinity Motherboards

One advantage of these four babies for you, the reader/user creature, is that you can choose yours based on your budget and needs. They range from the extremely juicy F2A85-V Pro that has a feature list longer than an orang-utan’s left arm, to the F2A85-M LE which is geared towards the microATX market but without as many extras.

The F2A85-V Pro motherboard has four DDR3 memory slots, eight Serial ATA 6Gbps ports, six USB 3.0 ports, ALC892 integrated audio, three PCI Express x16 slots, DisplayPort, ASUS’ GPU Boost feature, BIOS Flashback and more. It is, really, the all singing, all dancing leader of the pack that should make the gaming mad, Trinity loving human very happy indeed.

The M series of boards are for microATX users and the F2A85-M Pro, F2A85-M, and F2A85-M LE all sport different features to suit different user types. The F2A85-M Pro for the Trinity APU has two DDR3, DIGI+ VRM 4+2, two PCI express slots x 16 which can be set to your sweet standards of either single or dual, and six USB3.0 ports.

As you proceed along the list of specifications, bits drop off steadily until you arrive t the F2A85-M LE which has four USB3.0 slots, two PCI express slots x16, two DDR 3 memory slots, and other useful bells and whistles like the ASUS EPU and DIGI+ VRM.

These ASUS motherboards have all been designed to make the most out of AMD’s Trinity APU architecture along with the variety of ASUS-powered features that make the experience that little bit more interesting. Well, one thing that ASUS have always done brilliantly is motherboards and it’s unlikely to change any time soon with these being released into the wild.

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