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The Curiosity rover on Mars is nothing short of gripping. The fact that we’ve managed to put something on that huge, red planet with such astonishing precision, and that now we are actually driving around on the surface, it is mind blowing. Have you been watching all the Curiosity videos? Have you seen the landing? Well, fear not if your life has been too busy for such things for you can now view all the Mars videos on your ASUS Transformer, you can even appreciate them in high-resolution. Perfect for all you ASUS Transformer Infinity owners out there.

ASUS Transformer Infinity

Fortunately watching the Mars landings and the various activities on Mars couldn’t be easier. NASA have their own television station, as it were, and by going to the NASA site you can find it all there. There you will find the calendar of events, the Mission Finder and plenty more. You can either go directly to the Curiosity videos from there or you can just type “Curiosity videos” into the Search bar on the top right to be taken to a comprehensive list.

You can watch all of these on your Android tablet with a tap of your finger and the high resolution videos of the landing look incredible on the ASUS Transformer Infinity.

Another great spot for finding Mars Curiosity videos for your Android is Ustream which has free videos listed along the side with their dedicated Curiosity Cam.  What I didn’t know, and found out through the Ustream link, is that the Mars mission team members are living their lives on Martian Time at the moment with a day that is approximately 40 minutes longer than an Earth day. That’s just brilliant.

What do you think? Have you been hooked into the Mars Curiosity rover reports? Do you know of better spots to catch the videos? Let me know right here.

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