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When the courier dropped the box containing the ASUS Zenbook UX31E into my arms last week I was amazed at how light it was. Even when you know that this laptop has been designed for ultra portability and power, it is impressively light when cocooned within all its packaging and boxes. And as each box and layer is removed, the lightness of UX31E being is increasingly impressive.

asus zenbook ux21e

When I finally unleashed the Zenbook from the folds of protective covering I paused. It is one good looking piece of kit. I’ve never been that fussed about how my technology looks, if I am honest, but rather more concerned about how well it performs. However, I can still appreciate masterful design when it is thrust into my hands.

The shell is brushed aluminium that swirls inwards and makes you stop and stroke it for a bit. If you open out this beauty on a train or plane, I can almost guarantee you that someone will stop and glance at it admiringly. It is that pretty.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the limits on the amount of packaging around it. You won’t be wrestling with awkward folds and flaps when you first take it out and, should you want to put it back in for storage or transportation, it won’t be a nightmare either.

Included in the box is a lovely chocolate brown folder designed to protect and cover the Zenbook while you commute or travel. The exterior is a mesh-type fabric with a leather flap that has a magnetic button to seal it closed. The Zenbook slips in and out quite easily and the sleeve is robust enough to offer a fair amount of protection against unexpected knocks and bumps. It will certainly keep the scratches at bay…

asus zenboook ux21e

Also inside is your standard pile of cables to charge the UX31E, a box of documentation, and a small bag that matches the folder with a USB ethernet adaptor inside. The box of documents has a notebook warranty card, update information, a battery notice, a user manual and a cable tie inside.

Everything you need to get started with the ASUS Zenbook is included and you can colour me impressed. How often do you get extras like the folder as a part of the package deal? Not very often, let’s face it, and who hasn’t spent even more dosh on getting the extras needed to keep tech safe and scratch free? The entire package feels as if a lot of time and effort has gone into making it as chic and user friendly as possible and it has made me a lot more excited about reviewing the ASUS Zenbook UX31E than ever before…

In my next post I will be taking a look at what the critics have said about the ASUS Zenbook, but if you have any questions fire away and I’ll get to answering them as fast as possible. 

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