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The Transformer Infinity TF700 has one of the best cameras in the tablet market, which means we can take some great photos with this device. Let’s explore some of my best practices to fully take advantage of the camera.

Even though the Transformer Infinity has one of the largest camera sensors for tablets, lighting is still a crucial element for taking great photos. To get good results, avoid taking pictures in low light conditions. Doing so will result in grainy pictures, or pictures with overblown highlights. Usually, depending on the location, natural light is ideal 2-3 hours after sunrise and 2-3 hours before sunset.

Of course in practice we often don’t have the option to choose the ideal time. When the lighting is poor, it’s best to take pictures with the night-mode activated along with flash. This way, the camera keeps the lens open for longer in order to gather more light. In the case of harsh lighting conditions, switch on the flash to even out the contrast between foreground and background objects.

While the Infinity’s camera sensor is incredibly sharp, the shutter speed cannot match a professional DSLR camera. This means action-oriented scenes such as moving vehicles will tend to produce blurry pictures. The best practice is to stand still and take photos of objects that aren’t moving.

To help you take better photos, also try the application Sensor Camera from the Google Play App market. This app superimposes guidelines on the picture screen that follow common photography composition rules such as the Rule of Thirds, Golden Sections and Golden Triangle among others. Besides these creative tools it also boasts other features such as image compression (quality) control and time lapse photography.

Finally, for the finishing touch, look no further than Pic-Say. Available in both free and paid versions, Pic-Say is a photo editor optimized for the Transformer Infinity that allows you to add fun effects such as distortion, text bubbles, and titles – something you just can’t do with a digital camera.

Do you have any tips to share?

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