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Mobile World Congress starts on Monday and we’ll be right in the thick of it in Barcelona.

The tablet invasion these past couple of years has laid waste to the days where the “Mobile” in “Mobile World Congress” stood for cellular phones. And we’re pretty sure that it will be much the same this year.

ASUS will have a bigger presence at MWC and from what we gather; there’s definitely something in the works as ASUS chairman Jonney Shih will be attending the event. It’s likely there’ll be more Transformers (the pads, not the robots) at the show.

We don’t know exactly what they’re up to, except for the teaser image below, and some video teaser about Russian dolls. *Shrugs*

So if you happen to be in the area and you have a press pass, they’ll be hosting a press conference from 11am Monday, 27 Feb at the Rock Museum. If not, just feel free to drop by the ASUS booth at Hall 4 Level 4, HS14, Fira Montjuic from Feb 27 – Mar 1.

If not, just stay tuned and we’ll give you a roundup of what goes on throughout the exhibition.

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