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ASUS has decided to really understand the inner workings of the game lover by bundling the latest edition of World of Warcraft – Mists of Pandaria – with its DirectCU models of the GeForce GTX 650 card. You buy one of these models and you get access to the lovely World of Warcraft and, as an extra bonus, you also get a Pandaren Monk Pet bonus character.

ASUS Direct CU WoW

Now I adore Warcraft. It has pulled me through many a bleak winter as I’ve sat snuggled under a soft blanket and battled the beasts of the deep with my keyboard and monitor. I am also one of those people who collects pets in WoW so getting a free pet with the latest card, that I am actually in need of right now, seems rather awesome. A sweet little extra to make life that little bit smoother, don’t you think?

Oh, and for those of you more interested in the technology than the freebies – the GTX cards are designed for those who are not hardcore and extremely demanding gamers. The three versions on offer vary between the TOP edition, the OC Edition and the regular model and each card comes with standard connectivity (one HDMI, one VGA and two DVI) and 1GB of memory and the usual ASUS extras that give you more customisation options, like GPU Tweak.

I would recommend this for anyone who’s looking to set up a decent system but who doesn’t want to spend a fortune and still wants solid gaming performance. You can eke a lot of mileage out of these ASUS cards with performance that’s reliable and noteworthy, so take a gander at these if you fancy a spot of gaming but don’t fancy the hard work of creating the ultimate gaming rig.

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