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The popular ASUS N Series is back with its sixth generation model. It has more computing horsepower with third generation Intel Core processors, more storage (that’s also faster), premium displays with wide viewing angles, as well as SonicMaster Premium audio.

The third generation N Series also has faster discrete graphics and more features. These features include the two-second Instant On, the ASUS-exclusive USB Charger and powered USB port, and a new HD front-facing camera for improved video call quality.

Luckily for me, this unboxing did not involve any money, because the factory sent us a sample just to share with you. Not so luckily for me, I had to promptly give it back!

But let’s take a look at some photos and explain a bit about what makes the new N Series tick.



Quality starts at the box, and the new design for the N Series showcases the dotted/rippled pattern we’ll soon encounter on the laptop itself.



The internal packaging continues the theme, while reminding us that ASUS SonicMaster Premium has been designed in cooperation with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower.


Quick look at the enclosed accessories and internal compartmentalisation. There’s a mouse in there, as well as the power adapter and cables.

The first accessory of note is the bundled external subwoofer, which boosts bass alongside the built-in speakers.

Once out in the open, the 15″ laptop proudly displays its brushed-metal texture, which looks nice under pretty much all lighting conditions.

Despite all that packed power, the new N Series is still quite slim and lean, as you can see in this shot.

This is also evident from the side. In this photo we see some of the ports and connectors, and more of the hairline-textured cover.

On this side there’s the Blu-ray drive, as well as some more connectors. The N Series definitely goes big on I/O! And of course with its dedication to all things HD, a Blu-ray drive is to be expected.

The chiclet keyboard and ripple-effect SonicMaster speaker mesh are complemented by the large multi-gesture touchpad, which has been designed to reflect the proportions of the screen for a more consistent look and feel. The speaker mesh-embedded button in the foreground is the Instant On button, which starts the N Series laptop in roughly two seconds from both sleep or hibernate modes.

I placed the subwoofer next to the laptop to give you a better sense of their relative sizes.

The quality of the screen is quite remarkable thanks to new panel technologies and a full HD 1080p resolution, although the latter is not universal to all new N Series models, so do check when making your purchase. And if you look closely here, you can see the keyboard is back-lit for improved usability in low-light environments.

The backlighting is more apparent in this shot.

I really enjoyed my brief time with this 15″ N56 laptop. There are also 14″ and 17″ models – the N46 and N76 – with varying feature sets to fit into a range of consumer segments, so please do check them out. These are truly premium multimedia machines and I believe they’re also decent at gaming with their new and improved graphics.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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