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This new video from the ASUS GPU/graphics card people showcases the advantages of DirectCU cooling. I always love these lab-inspired videos, where everything assembles with those nice factory sounds. However, the point isn’t my preference in videos, it’s the fact that ASUS DirectCU graphics cards give you better cooling, more stability, and more room for overclocking.

ASUS HD 7870 DirectCU II TOP

They use all-copper direct contact heatpipes, refined and typically bigger heatsinks, and optimized fans that push more air while staying quieter. The average for ASUS DirectCU cards when compared to reference is 20% lower temperatures and about 14dB lower noise, combining the benefits of cooler operation with those of a more pleasant computing and gaming environment.

Select models now also include DIGI+ VRM digital voltage regulation based on ASUS motherboard technology, which offers more sensitive and detailed voltage control for better overclocking (or underclocking, if you’re into that sort of thing…). Some are TOP editions, with carefully-selected GPUs that come factory-overclocked. Most cards also ship with Super Alloy Power components – capacitors, chokes and MOSFETs that are reinforced against heat and stress for improved heavy-duty performance, extended product longevity, and more stable overclocking with reduced risk of blown power delivery components.

ASUS GeForce GTX 680 DirectCU II TOP

And another great thing is that DirectCU is available on a wide range of cards, from the most high end to modified DirectCU coolers on silent value cards. This represents the ASUS approach to making all graphics cards perform to the best of their capabilities.

Anyway, check out the video right here:


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