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Everyone wants a high performance graphics card for gaming, but those often come at a premium price point. So what now for those looking to upgrade their gaming system’s performance but are under a tight budget?

The answer lies with the ASUS Radeon HD7850 DirectCU II TOP. It slots in comfortably between the flagship ASUS Radeon HD7970 DiretCU II and entry-level ASUS Radeon HD7770  DirectCU.

It features the latest DirectCU II technology which enables it to operate at temperatures 20% cooler and noise levels 10dB quieter than the reference model; and here’s the best part – it comes factory overclocked from the standard 860MHz to 975MHz.

If those figures aren’t enough,  ASUS has thrown in its exclusive GPU Tweak utility, which is an extensive and user friendly software that allows users to easily change settings like clock speeds, voltages, and fan speeds.

The HD7850 also comes equipped with the latest PCI Express 3.0 interface, which doubles the maximum bandwidth previously provided by PCI Express 2.0. This results in better optimization for Microsoft DirectX® 11 to provide a much more impressive and detailed gaming experience.

VR-Zone did an extensive review of the ASUS Radeon HD7850 DirectCU II TOP, and they awarded it with a rating of 8.5/10, calling it a “Game Changer” and commenting that “The ASUS HD7850 DirectCU II TOP represents excellent value for money, sometimes upstaging cards costing $100-$200 more”.


This be the graphics card for “budget conscious” gamers are looking for. Let us know your thoughts below.

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