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The entire wall mount thing, an option that used to be the coolest idea in the world but is now a common feature, slipped me by. I never had the right TV set or the right wall. So I was rather pleased with the fact that now I had both – the right place and the ASUS ET2410INTS PC.

This all-in-one PC has been designed for wall mounting and you can buy the ASUS Certified wall mount that is sold separately. I’ve seen these on sale from around £10 to £30, depending on the retail outlet and the model.

While the ASUS ET2410INTS PC is rather heavy – well, it is to my frail, geeky arms – these sockets have been designed to carry the weight with ease. And I decided that the best place to put this was in the kitchen. To my mind there are few things as decadent as a television in the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom but as I had very specific plans for the ET2410, the kitchen was the spot.

Once the ET2410 All-in-One PC was installed, my kitchen was transformed into a baking paradise. Thanks to the touch screen I could quickly access the recipes, images, products and information I wanted without effort. It is, of course, to be approached with a measure of caution. You don’t want to have dough covered fingertips tapping away at the screen.

The other advantage is one that isn’t really on most people’s books. I wanted to create videos of my daughter learning how to cook. These didn’t need to be HD quality but I did need a fairly decent picture so that relatives in all those far flung countries could see them without squinting.

asus et2410ints all in one pc

And this is where my kitchen-installed ASUS ET2410INTS is a perfect solution. We can bake without needing a third camera toting human, and I get to record what we’re doing easily. Sure, it is only from one solid angle, but the Eee Video feature does a decent job of it all.

I wouldn’t recommend using this feature as a replacement for a high quality video recorder, obviously, but for something like this it really comes in handy. The other advantage, of course, is that it allows you to instantly upload the video to most social media or to email it with only a few taps. It makes life just that little bit easier.

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