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Have you ever wondered what the fuss of USB 3.0 was about? Asked yourself why you should care? Well, Bethan and Spode are about to answer those to very questions for you in this funny, in-depth and detailed tutorial. You even get a mini-Blooper reel at the end…

video tutorial asus

Now, don’t expect to sit there glazing over and eventually drooling on your keyboard. No. Like the other Tech in Style video tutorials, this one is funny and interesting while also managing to be informative. I’ve grown to really like this pair and am waiting for them to invite me over for a coffee and a chat about, say, motherboards or USB 3.0.

UASP is translated for the acronym-weak (or terrified after that one is explained) and so is the limitations of technology that have inspired great minds to unlock more power for your computer or device. Needless to say, by the end of the video you’ll know what’s what when it comes to your USB 3.0.

There is only one thing that I really, really want to know. Where does he get those awesome shirts?

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