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Laptops, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. You can own a large unit as a desktop replacement or a small one to fulfill the functions between your main machine and your mobile phone. Your choice of colour and design is an important feature for you. So, in such a varied marketplace, what can you tell about a user through his or her choice in computing gear? Here’s a tongue-in-cheek look at what your laptop could be saying about you and your approach to life.

The Power Mongers

You see these monstrous notebooks every now and then. These are the big boys of the mobile computing world. Laptops like this, in particular the G75VW,  practically screams dedication and commitment to the game. Although its user could also be deep in work developing a new app or editing a video. But you can spot the more earnest, or shall we say hardcore, ones with one simple check – the more wear on the big machine, the more serious they are.

The Standard

These 13” and 15” laptops are found everywhere. They are the go-to notebook for the school and business crowd and you can also find them in most homes. These are the notebooks that get work done. Many business decisions and term papers have been put together thanks to these notebooks. Such notebook users, in particular those who use the ASUS P53SJ, are seen to be focused on the job at hand. They traverse towards results and work is always their priority.

The Netbook Crowd

This crowd burst into scene around 2008 when ASUS introduced the netbook to the selection and they have been breeding since.  They carry these sleek little machines anywhere from cafes to living rooms because they have served well as a vital computing tool.  Netbooks like the Eee PC X101CH, are relatively cheap, rather durable and pretty portable. Its owner is often seen as someone who is determined to stay connected to the outside world. They are likely to be bloggers; own an online business, or both. They feel the need to stay on the ball with the Interweb, doing some social networking and generally managing their digital world.

The New Laptop

Owners of the new ASUS ZENBOOK™ are often seen as a bit of a showoff – they who hold these shiny machines, with the fully embossed keys, stainless screens and track pads that still have sheen. They radiate an air of affluence. But you gotta admit they are adventurous, and will attempt to use new unfamiliar equipment – possibly a new operating system that has been coded to hide familiar items in new places.

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