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Yesterday, while I was out doing some last minute Christmas and birthday (yes, I know far too many people with birthdays in December) shopping with some friends I was asked what technology products I would recommend for their husbands and kids. This got me thinking. What would I recommend from the ASUS stable this year? They have released so many different products that it’s pretty hard to decide so I went with the personality type and the product in my little ASUS Christmas list…

ASUS Christmas

The Multitasker

Obviously the best thing in the whole world for the multitasking geek type has to be the Padfone 2. It’s a phone! It’s a tablet! It’s compact and tidy and clever and pretty! This is also a wonderfully gender neutral product that will appeal to men and women alike. Definitely a great buy for someone special this Christmas

The Kids

The Nexus 7 gets my hands-down, hands-up, nodding and waving approval for the best gadget to buy for your kids this Christmas. Not only is it pretty robust – ours has been dropped three times and covered in jammy fingers – but it grants access to a world of entertainment, education and apps. And it sits at an excellent price point, is light and easy to transport, and has a decent battery life.

The Gamer

There is a lot to choose from in the gamer category with the RoG graphics cards, motherboards and notebooks that have been released this year. There have been huge steps in design, innovation, cooling and features. However, my winner is the RoG Tytan because it is just a thing of pure beauty. If I got this on my desk at Christmas I think I would actually cry.

The Parent

The Zenbook ultrabook is the perfect parental choice. It boots up in seconds, it connects to the internet quickly, it is light and extremely portable, it looks fantastic and it can be shut down and moved in a moment. Perfect for the parent who has to work on the run or whisk their tech out of the way of the latest glass of juice falling onto table crisis. Also, it is so highly specced that it will last for ages.

The Business Person

This is where the very lovely range of ASUS tablets come in to play. You get the ASUS Transformer tablets running the latest version of the Android operating system and with docking stations that provide protection, extra battery life and ease of use. You also get the Windows RT and Windows 8 range of tablets that include the Taichi and the VivoTab, both of which are superb devices with plenty of excellent features that extend well beyond the boardroom.

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