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Yes, your mug can be used to unlock the mysteries of your Nexus 7 and setting it up is easier than anything. Although I strongly recommend not doing it first thing in the morning when your eyeballs are hanging below your knees and your hair is being used by ferrets as luxury accommodation.

To start with, tap on the Settings icon – that’s the square with three circles in it – and then on the Security icon which is under the Personal header. At the top of the screen is Screen Security and under that is Screen Lock. Tap that and you’ll be taken to a menu that lists all of your screen locking options.

You can choose from None, Slide, Face Unlock, Pattern, PIN and Password. Tap on Face Unlock and make note of their clear warnings. It isn’t as secure as Pattern, PIN or Password and your doppleganger can unlock your tablet and send emails to friends. Or access your bank account and clean you out. Or something equally horrific.

Once you have established that Face Unlock is the way forward for you and your Nexus 7, tap on the Set it up button on the bottom right of the screen. The app will talk you through positioning your face and the type of lighting you need. It took me a matter of moments to get my face captured and set up. The Nexus 7 will also ask you to choose an alternative such as PIN or Pattern in case Face Unlock doesn’t work.  Choose one and be sure to memorise the PIN or Pattern you choose.

I advise you to then go to the Improve Face Matching tab to capture your face in different conditions such as poor lighting, with or without glasses and with or without facial hair. It just makes it  more accurate when identifying you in the future.

That’s it, you’re done! Next up is another tasty Nexus 7 tweak that will improve your user experience no end.

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