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When the Transformer first came out it was met with a moment of silence. This Android-based tablet had all the right boxes ticked and made the critics sigh with pleasure. Like all newbies it had its own little foibles and some issues for some people but now ASUS has released the next kid on the block, the ASUS Transformer TF300T.

ASUS Transformer TF300T


Unlike its older sibling, this Transformer TF300T comes with the keyboard dock included in the package. There’s no wibbling about whether or not to buy it now, it’s there in the box ready to go. The tablet is light and sturdy and the colour (as I mentioned in my last post) is awesome. It also slots into the keyboard dock as quick as you please. No wrestling, poking, twisting or sighing. Just slip, click and go.

I like that. I don’t have time to faff with tediously designed extras and this just works.

Like the earlier model, this keyboard dock is also an additional battery so you can extend the life of your Transformer in a pinch. Assuming you’ve charged your dock, of course… You get a microSD slot and a mini HDMI out on the tablet and a full-sized SD slot and USB socket on the keyboard.

ASUS Transformer TF300T

An eight megapixel camera faces to the rear and the 1280×800 resolution screen is bright, touch sensitive and pretty much perfect for most things. I have watched Game of Thrones, House and Doctor Who on the Transformer TF300T and found all three to deliver superb quality. Darks are rendered deeply while the brighter colours show no signs of being wishy washy or drab.

The same can be said of how the Transformer TF300T handles gaming. It has the Tegra3 to give it the power it needs and there are titles that are included with the device that work a charm.

I plan to go into detail on all these features as I put the Transformer TF300T through its paces so feel free to throw some ideas at me and I’ll include them in my tests.

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