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Netbooks are still a hit for those who need the benefits of a lightweight Windows 7 device on a budget. With the latest Eee PC, their simplicity and portability is still unmatched, as ASUS has yet again refined the design for its new 1025CE. The new Eee PC 1025CE and 1025C are dubbed the Flare, as they come in several expressive colors – inside and out – along with striking white streaks down either side.

Eee PC 1025C

Eee PC 1025C in Black

Inside the chiclet keyboard spreads out right to the very edge in order to maximize the use of its condensed space. Darker body colors such as black, brown, blue and red are appropriately accented with black keyboards, while lighter whites or pinks are paired with a silver keyboard.

The Intel Atom N2800 and N2600 dual-core processors are the first Atom’s to use Intel’s cutting-edge 32nm technology. This low power keeps the 1025CE going for up to 12 hours to give true all-day battery life. Combined with ASUS ’ innovative instant on technology, the 1025CE can standby for up to 21 days and resume at any time in just 2 seconds. If you do extended trips or often leave the Eee PC in the car, for the best part of a month you can keep the kids quiet for even the longest of journeys!

Eee PC 1025CE

Eee PC 1025CE in Pink

Other features include up to a 500GB hard drive with a free trial to use 3GB of ASUS WebStorage, 802.11n spec wireless LA N and Bluetooth. HDMI output is also now available on an Atom netbook, so you can plug it into your HDTV or a projector. All that packs into a slim 10.1 inches and just 1.25kg with the 6-cell battery. It’s great for travelers; simply slip 1025CE into any bag then surf the web and grab email at locations with Wi-Fi on the way, then once you get there have a full Windows 7 system ready to share or present hours of videos, music and photos!

EeePC 1025CE

With its brand new design and CPU, the 1025CE Flare adds another feather in the hat of the continuing Eee PC legacy. If you’re looking for a first-time PC, replacement or backup ultra-mobile netbook, then it’s absolutely worth considering.

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