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I recently spent some time with the ASUS Zenbook UX31E and went from being an ultrabook sceptic to an ultrabook convert. You see, my not-so-secret confession is that I am not really a huge fan of laptops in any guise, no matter how sleek or slim or sexy. I just love my big, fat clunky tower and my traditional keyboard/mouse/monitor set-up. Yes, I know I can just add these to a laptop. Yes, I know all your other objections. This is just me. Call me strange.

asus zenbook ux31E

Anyway, due to travelling across continents and oceans I had to use the Zenbook for work and I rapidly realised that this was ideal in so many ways. So here, in no particular order, are ten reasons why an ultrabook is actually a wise investment.

1. Power

The Zenbook series are powerful with technology that can handle essential applications without compromise. There is enough processing power to handle pretty much anything you throw at it, barring state of the art games.

2.  It isn’t a tablet

The debate as to whether or not you should get an ultrabook or a tablet has already featured on Tech in Style, as well as in pubs across the UK. There is no debate. Get both. Each does its own set of cool things that makes it worthy of owning.

asus zenbook ux31E

3. Battery life

Really. It is excellent, especially when you consider the processing power and the other features carefully snuck underneath the super-thin hood of the Zenbook. My Zenbook UX31E lasted days and days on basic work, without my needing to charge it, and the average is around five to six hours.

4. Anyone can use it

You don’t need to be a geek, a programmer, a designer or a computer nerd to get the most out of the Zenbook. These slim laptops are easy to use and manage and customise. They do what they should without fuss or drama.

5. True portability

It is light, just over one kilogram to be exact. This means that commuters can carry it without hassle making the ultrabook a business choice of note. Planes, trains and automobiles are all fair game, and the battery life, looks and power just make it perfect for the enterprise.

asus zenbook ux31E

6. Looks

Get a beautiful piece of portable kit rather than an ugly one. Enough said.

7.  A standard issue

One point raised wisely by those much smarter than myself is that the ultrabook is defined by standards laid out by Intel. Failure to meet specific standards means it is not classified as an ultrabook. This means that you are guaranteed a measure of security and you know what you’re getting from the start.

8. Wi-Fi ubiquity

Wireless is almost everywhere and this means connectivity. Add to this the fact that the old fashioned need for plenty of ports is drifting away in the portable market, and you have a machine that can weigh less and do more with half the hassle. You have all the ports you need for work – VGA, USB 3.0, memory card – and play as well as the adaptability of mini-VGA or HDMI if desperately needed, but you don’t have to heave a heavy machine around with you. Wi-Fi means cloud access, fewer applications stored on the machine, speedier work in a wider variety of locations.

asus ultrabook

ASUS Zenbook

9. Speedy SSD

SSD means speedy and sturdy. Your Zenbook will load quickly, work quickly and get the job done.

10. It works

Instant On is awesome and the speed at which the Zenbook tackles various operations never ceases to impress. Add to this all the other features that I have outlined here, and the cool accessories that come standard in the box, and you have one machine that really does make the grade. This is where you want to look if you’re looking at a notebook upgrade and want the latest in design, power and tech.

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