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I have touched on the various features that make up the sassy looks of the ASUS Zenbook UX31E but I thought they were definitely worth mentioning in more detail as the Zenbook has been crafted to look as desirable as possible.

asus zenbook ux31E

It measures a mere 3mm at the front and 9mm at the rear, a difference in size that your hand barely notices as it lifts the light beauty to your lap or table. The spun metal forms a whorl pattern on the lid which also sports a small lip near the front to help you open the ultrabook. This is important to note because the design is so tight that you will struggle to open it up anywhere else.

This is a plus point though, as the sealed Zenbook is completely secure. The hinges are robust and sturdy and haven’t started to show that tedious looseness that can happen from time to time. The aluminium design with the brush pattern across the deck makes the UX31E’s surface a tactile pleasure that looks expensive and feels reliable.

ASUS have forgone a plasticky shell and it has paid off. This ultrabook is receiving as much praise for its prowess as for its looks. The brushed aluminium shell does have a tendency to show fingerprints after extensive handling but this is easily managed with the included cloth and cover. In fact, I am still dead impressed with the fact that you get these items as part and parcel of the package – not many laptops come with this many bells and whistles.

The chassis feels solid without adding too much extra weight. I took the Zenbook on an 18 hour business round trip last week – this involved changing trains four times, and changing the tube six times in rush hour – tucked neatly away in a canvas shoulder bag. Not only did it fit perfectly, but I didn’t note any shoulder discomfort at all.

asus zenbook ux31E

There was no need to switch the bag from shoulder to shoulder in an attempt to reduce the pain which is a big deal for me as my left shoulder has suffered regular injuries and tends to be very particular about how much weight it can carry.

So, for those of you who wanted a tastier bite of the looks sported by the ASUS Zenbook UX31E this was it. In my next post I’m going to tell you all about the connectivity options and how well they work.

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