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This spotlight takes us across the globe to one of our hard working marketeers in Europe. Specifically, we go to Benelux- a small, yet essential strategic area (much like it was in WW2) and meet with our mate Rogier and discuss his time with ASUS.

What is your name?

Rogier Gelling.


What is your role and how long have you been with ASUS?

I am the Technical PR and Marketing Specialist for the Benelux region (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg) and have been in this office for almost  3 years. Time flies!


What do your job duties as a Technical PR and Marketing Specialist entail?

My job duties include a wide variety of tasks, including close cooperation with local journalists and media involving the latest media reviews and exposure sharing, marketing activities (media buy-in, marketing campaigns) and of course our local social media networking including managing the ASUS Benelux Twitter and Facebook accounts.


Working in social media, what do you find most satisfying when engaging with fans?

To see the loyalty on a great amount of fans is just great. I’m able to have live interactions with our fans all day long, which goes to show just how strong social media actually is. On top of that, knowing that personally approaching the community is very appreciated gives the end-user some icing on the already delicious ASUS-cake they are getting served.


Mmm…cake. What’s your favorite aspect of working at a company like ASUS?

I would say the diversity and dynamic the company offers! Every day is a new challenge and gives you plenty of room to expand and learn.


Since you’ve started working, what’s been your favorite product that ASUS has released?

Well, the little things do matter. As a DIY-PC guy, I enjoy assembling computers- just something good about knowing that you’re able to put together all these pieces of technology to make something completely awesome. Anyways, I am a great fan of ASUS motherboards because of the fool-proof I/O-shield. The regular ones always cut my fingers somehow, which nobody likes.

Although, I would love to get my hands on a Zenbook….they look astonishing!

Wouldn’t we all Rogier, wouldn’t we all.

That concludes another ASUS Employee Spotlight, until next time, keep tinkering with technology!

It's Prime Time! Starring Rogier Gelling!

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