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This fine day has been spent carefully downloading and running a series of benchmarks on the ASUS ET2410INTS All-in-One PC to see how well it performs under pressure. The tests have been rather interesting, to say the least, and will definitely give you a clearer idea as to what this machine is made of.

The first test thrown into the mix was 3DMark 11 from Futuremark. The ET2410 All-in-One PC comes with the Nvidia 540M graphics card that is designed for mobility. This means you aren’t going to get a high-end result. However, the results we did get were fairly good.

The final 3D Mark score of 1009 was well above the average expected for the hardware configurations for this machine – P1000. The same for the graphics score at P960, above the average of P900 which is the target score for the ET2410INTS. The physics score was 5018, below the target score of P6200. So, overall, the ASUS’ All-in-One PC did very well indeed.

Next up was PC Mark 07. The ET2410INTS may not be a mahoosive gaming rig but its scores in PC Mark 07 are respectable with a final score of 2639 at default settings. I have seen other results that are higher for the same machine for both sets of results but these are what I am getting out of the box.

In video playback and transcoding the results came in at 23.05fps, system storage (gaming) at 5.68 MB/s, graphics DirectX9 33.28fps, system storage (importing pictures) 6,45 fps, and web browsing and decrypting at 14,56 pages/s.

In short, the ASUS ET2410INTS All-in-One PC offers up a great deal of flexibility in other areas with plenty of oomph to handle functions and features with ease. Something of a Jack-of-all-trades, this all-in-one PC is a great investment for families, working from home, multimedia entertainment and some light gaming.

The size compromise, as evidenced by the graphics card, is worth it in light of these use cases. The slimline design has it fit neatly in the kitchen which is where I am headed off to shortly and where I will be testing the TV tuner, freeview and recording TV.

But first, I shall be throwing two more tests at the ASUS ET2410 All-in-One PC – Unigene’s Heaven benchmark and the Aliens vs. Predator benchmark. Whatever will they say?

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