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The Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update should be available to most Transformer TF300 owners at this point, and here are some of my favorite features in the latest and greatest Android.

Google Now

Sure, Google Now is not the only update, but it certainly is one of the most significant. Simply put, it learns from the device’s GPS location history, calendar, search, and e-mail history in order to predict what you may be looking for.

For example, every Friday after work when you venture out with your friends to popular watering holes downtown, Google Now will remind you through ‘Cards’ of the approaching hour, followed by suggested transportation routes and travel times, as well as the possible pubs in the area. In other words, your Transformer TF300 has just been transformed from a reactive to a pro-active device.

Google Maps Navigation

For the adventurous traveller in you, Jelly Bean now ships with offline Google Maps Navigation. You just need to select the area you are travelling to, and Jelly Bean will estimate the storage space required and download the relevant data – a boon when travelling to locations with poor cellular or satellite coverage.

Automatic App Organizing

And finally for the less organized, Jelly Bean brings automatic reorganizing of the home screen. When you drop a new widget on the home screen, all the other icons will reorganize themselves to make room for the widget. If there is insufficient space on the home screen or if the widget is too big, it will automatically resize itself and display handles which you can use to adjust the size.

Those are my favorite features of the Jelly Bean on the Transformer TF300, which are yours? Let us know in the comment section below!

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