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In my last post I looked at many of the overall features of SuperNote and some of the really great aspects of it and how you could use them. Here I am giving you ten tasty tips that will help you make the most out of this versatile free app from ASUS.

ASUS SuperNote

1. Paintbook and Notebook are two different things and when you select Add New Book you can choose which you want to work with. The former offers a broader range of tools for more complex drawing operations and colour choices.

2. When you click on Add a pop-up screen lets you choose the size of the paper and the colour. You can choose from white, yellow or blue.  The yellow notebook paper looks remarkably like a traditional notepad.

3. Tap Baseline to get a dotted line on the page that helps you to write straight.

4. To play around with the positioning of an image on the screen or inserted into your notebook just tap on Select and a red dotted line will appear around the image. Now you can drag it around the screen.

5. Still in the same place, use your fingers to make the image bigger or smaller by pinching or expanding them

6. If you love what you’ve done and don’t want it ruined by an accidental tap or scribble, just tap on Disable Edit. To reactivate it, just tap on Enable edit. In Readonly mode you can flip through pages using your fingers.

7. Tap on Brush and play around with the different strokes to see how creative you can get. Adjust colour by tapping on Color.

8. In Edit mode you can tap on the All button to either view all your notebooks, paint notebooks or plain notebooks.

9. To rearrange your pages just drag and drop them around the area using your finger until you are happy with the order they are in.

10. Make sure you name your notebook when you first create it otherwise it shall forever more be known as Untitled.

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