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T3′s annual Gadget Awards showcases the best movers and shakers in the industry in a variety of categories, including Computer, Tablet, Gaming and Phone categories, to name a few. Honored more than any other company this year, ASUS ran away from the competition with 5 awards, with only one other brand claiming more than one award. First up, the ultra sexy, ultra powerful ASUS Zenbook UX31 ultrabook won the T3 Computer of the Year award, beating out a wide field boasting some of the latest and greatest.

Next is the ASUS Transformer Pad Prime with its sleek and innovative design, which took home the award for the Design of the Year.

The Tablet of the Year went to a recent release, but one that made a huge splash despite its diminutive size. I am of course, talking about the Nexus 7, which, oh yeah, also won their GADGET OF THE YEAR award! That’s no small feat, considering the serious competition that’s in the market today.

That’s only four awards you say? Let’s see….oh yes, ASUS was also honored as the best Tech Brand for 2012!!! Let’s hear it for ASUS and look forward to what goodies they have cooking up, especially with CES right around the corner <salivates>…


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