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Following hot on the heels of the summertime Absolute Zero event at ASUS HQ, a spontaneous get-together of some of the world’s most acclaimed overclockers took place at the company’s main Taipei campus. Starring ROG hardware such as the Maximus V Extreme, the summit hosted TeamRU members 12 and Smoke, determined Hazzan (who also participated in Absolute Zero back in June), and Piwor. Of course, ROG’s own Andre Yang and Shamino were also in on the action.

Andre Yang, 12, Smoke, and Piwor hard at work

The results? Four new impressive performance records, achieved with the aid of liquid helium and liquid nitrogen, plus the power of Intel Core i7-3770K processors. For starters, the hardcore posse managed to crank that CPU to a whopping 7.1843GHz, leaving the hallowed 7GHz threshold weeping in the helium mist. I still remember the halcyon days when a 4GHz CPU was a pipe dream.

Then came the more number-crunchy benchmarks. The overclockers shattered standing records in PiFast, scoring a 10.16 sec time. For the beastly SuperPi 32M they pulled a record 4 min 43 sec, and for SuperPi 1M the new global milestone was set at 5.094 sec. As with Absolute Zero, these guys won through sheer single-minded dedication and wanton disregard for the concept of a circadian cycle. In other words, they worked around the clock (avoids temptation to play on “overclock”).

Overclocker 12 smokes 'em as he overclocks 'em

Of course, we have a COOL event video to share with you. My favourite part must surely be when the fan blades literally freeze over. Warning: video contains graphics depiction of glorious overclocking smoke.

Thanks to everyone involved for their efforts, and congrats on the achievements! We look forward to the next OC event from ROG, where more standing records are bound to get relegated to the pages of computing history.

Here are the record screen grabs:

Intel Core i7-3770K 7.1843GHz CPU clock speed world record


PiFast 10.16 sec world record


SuperPi 1M 5.094 sec world record


SuperPi 32M 4 min 43 sec world record



The event continued well beyond the time this article was initially written, and indeed TeamRU’s 12 and Smoke were able to crack a couple more world records with help from Andre “The Giant Overclocker” Yang. One record is wPrime 1024M (quad-core category), where they knocked out an impressive 109 seconds 937ms. They also clenched the global top spot in AquaMark 3, using a liquid nitrogen-cooled ASUS HD 7970 GHz Edition card to notch 556303 marks – that’s almost 18000 marks above the previous record!

Both milestones were achieved using 3rd gen Intel Core i7-3770K processors with liquid nitro, and of course the ROG Maximus V Extreme mobo. Memory was reliable G.Skill modules.

Here is the screenshot for the wPrime 1024M record:


Stay tuned, there might be more coming!










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