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Tablets many be the technological object of desire for many people at the moment, but the humble netbook still has a place in this new age of multi-touch.

There’s no denying that tablet computers have their strengths, but if you want a low-cost and compact computer for running standard productivity software, or just for lots of typing, a netbook is still the best bet.

Better still, the latest generation of netbooks have higher specifications than ever before, which means they’re no longer a compromise solution for people who don’t want, or just can’t afford, a larger laptop.

ASUS all but created the netbook market back in 2007 with the launch of the original Eee PC, but the technology has moved on quite a bit since then. The Eee PC range is still going strong, but the latest model has a set of features that were unimaginable on a netbook back then.

Available later this year, the new Eee PC 1225C is based on the Intel® Cedar Trail platform that brings greater power consumption and better performance than ever before. Its 1.6GHz Intel® Atom™ N2600 processor is not only dual-core, but also supports Hyper-Threading for smooth multi-tasking performance.

The Eee PC 1225

Improved onboard graphics with hardware HD video decoding make the Eee PC 1225C well-suited for multimedia consumption, too — not least since it also packs a brilliant 11.6” LED-backlit screen with crisp 1366 x 768 resolution and Full HD video output via HDMI.

It may not be a tablet, but that’s not to say the Eee PC 1225C doesn’t offer some tablet-like features — and we don’t just mean its streamlined good looks.

Instant-on technology means Windows 7 is ready for use just two seconds after pressing the power button, while the dual-boot Express Gate Cloud OS gives access to key applications in even less time.

Up to 10 hours of battery life means the Eee PC 1225C can last for well over a full working day between recharges, while USB 3.0 means less waiting around when transferring data to and from compatible devices.

The Eee PC 1225C offers more than just new hardware features, though. Wi-Fi Direct software allows wireless networks to be set up between compatible PCs in the absence of a Wi-Fi hotspot, while DLNA support allows video and music to be streamed wirelessly to HDTVs and other home media devices.

ASUS also supplies its useful Eee Docking utility for instant access to online services and local software, plus every Eee PC 1225C user gets 500GB of free ASUS Web Storage space for one year.

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