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I recently got the Nexus 7 in for review. This love child of Google and ASUS has actually found a place in my heart far faster than any other tablet I’ve ever used. Yes, the Transformer series are great and the iPads have their quaint little quirks, but none of them have held me hostage quite as efficiently as the Nexus 7. Here’s why…

ASUS Nexus 7

1. The price

When you consider that Google has delivered a tablet that has speed, power and plenty of features and still managed to price it sub-£200, this is an astonishing feat. And when you think of how budget conscious the world is right now, what you have here is a tablet that works and plays beautifully and that most people can afford. It will also make an excellent Christmas gift for the gadget freak who has everything.

2. The extra

You get a £15 Google Play credit when you buy your Nexus 7. Who else does that? You get instant access to great games like Angry Birds and Where’s My Water, and all the other gaming and productivity apps on the Google Play front lines. Sure, the store is hard to navigate and sometimes purchases are iffy, at best, but with some judicious web surging, on your Nexus naturally, you’ll soon have some of the best on your screen.

3. The screen

Speaking of the, sorry, screen, the Nexus 7 has that lovely 1280×800 IPS real estate with a high pixel density of around 216ppi and apps, movies, and everything else look fantastic. Google Earth is so crisp and I’m a little amazed at how swiftly it works on the Nexus 7. Finding relative’s houses in far flung foreign destinations is quick, easy and strangely mesmerising.

4. I told you it was fast

The Nexus 7 has the latest quad-core 1.3GHz Tegra 3 chips, 1GB of RAM and Project Butter. It’s quick, responsive and smooth. It is a pleasure to work with.

5. The size

While the Nexus 7 has its own little downfalls and issues – the storage space can be a problem as is the speaker – the entire device is incredibly robust and light for what you get. It can fit into any handbag easily, weighs a mere 340g (that’s less than my lunch!) and is a comfortable fit in the hand. I have to confess to choosing my Nexus 7 over my Kindle for long journeys that demand lots of reading as it isn’t as bulky and I don’t feel any strain. It’s a big tick in the plus column.

There you have it, five excellent reasons to look at the Nexus 7 when planning on your next tablet or Christmas list. It’s worth every penny.

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