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Well, it actually started September 3, but will go on till the 1st of October, so you have plenty of time. The Chill Spectrum event aims to promote water and liquid cooling, particularly in support of the Maximus V Formula board, which has Fusion Thermo Solution technology on it.

With Chill Spectrum, ROG has reached out to the community in search of really awesome liquid setups. Builders are encouraged to sign up for the event, and upload photos of their prize PCs. The only caveats are that the motherboard must be from an ASUS brand, either mainstream or ROG/TUF. Also, at least one of the images must depict the water/liquid cooling setup. The others can show different aspects of your PC. Like an especially elaborate top, if you like:

People who join the event by sharing images of their PCs are known as photo uploaders. Their submissions will then be evaluated by the masses, known as voters. The top three most liked get prizes, including ROG mobos and ASUS graphics cards.

Anyone who casts a vote enters a lucky draw, and may win an actual water cooling kit so they can upgrade their own chill factor and join the photo uploader circle come next year’s event. It’s a delicious cycle!

Win me!

So once more, check out the official event site, and just chill out.



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