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Amazon has just announced that their Kindle eBook sales have overtaken their print sales. For every 100 hardback and paperback books sold on their UK site, 114 ebooks are downloaded. This is something of a milestone and one that has certainly got the industry abuzz. That’s only two years after the Kindle arrived, two years.

asus transformer

It’s clear that ebooks are the way of the future, or a part of the reading future anyway, and have revitalised the industry to a large extent. It has also opened the way for many aspiring authors to get their voices heard without being rejected by picky agents or having to spend a fortune on self-publishing paper books.

Have an ASUS Transformer? You have access to all these books thanks to the lovely Kindle app and you also have access to SuperNote so you can now pen your great book, that opus that lurks within you, as you go. Why not, The Painted Man was written on a mobile phone so you can definitely create a bestseller on your ASUS Transformer.

SuperNote is a note taking app that lets you tap and take notes in a variety of different ways including the keyboard, your finger or through photo and video capture. Many writers are inspired by their surroundings so grab that Transformer (especially the lovely new camera on the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity) and take shots of the things that have caught your eye, use these to write your thoughts and get your book in motion.

Next up is the very useful Kindle app that does more than just allow you to read your books on the lovely screen of your Transformer, it also syncs up with your other registered devices so you don’t have to spend ages painstakingly paging through the book to get to where you last read on your Android phone. Nice. This works across all platforms, by the way, so you can read on your work PC for lunch, sync up with your iOS or Android mobile phone for the trip home, and then carry on reading comfortably on the sofa using your Transformer. And each time it will sync up so you can just pick up where you left off. Genius.

Now you have no excuse to write that novel so you can feel that incredible sense of satisfaction when you’re done.

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