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Overclocking is great, we’ve all done it (well, most of us have anyway) and we’ve all stared proudly at the results. Some of us have even taken photos of the results. Or not. That could just be me. But I digress…As you get older and busier it can be hard to find the time to tweak and adjust and play around with your graphics cards, you’d rather have the performance straight off the bat because you have exactly one hour of free time, and you want to spend that time gaming.

asus graphics overclock

The DirectCU TOP graphics cards from ASUS are a rather golden solution for those of us who have less time to play than we used to. They come in two flavours – the ASUS HD 7870 TOP and the HD 7850 TOP – and they are based on 28nm AMD Pitcairn GPU technology. And they are already overclocked. Yeah. How cool is that?

These graphics cards use factory overclocked cores that run faster than the norm right from the moment you buy them. The HD7870 TOP is 100MHz over while the HD 7850 sits at 115MHZ faster. They have the ASUS DirectCU II thermal architecture which supports extensive overclocking by keeping your kit nice and cool.

And if you ever do find the time to quietly relax and spend some time tweaking your kit on your own, you still can with the GPU Tweak feature which lets you optimise, adjust and amend to your heart’s content. So you see, these lovely graphics cards are a bit like having your cake and eating it…


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