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We started day 1 of Computex with a side trip to the ASUS ROG press conference, where a slew of new products for the gaming geared audience were announced. New motherboards, graphics cards, noise canceling headsets and software were announced and demoed for the audience.

After a quick lunch we headed over to the Nangang Exhibition Hall where the ASUS booth is located. It was already packed when we got there, so we took some quick photos of the crowd before moving around the exhibit to see some product demos. First stop was Intel, who showed off a ton of ultrabooks, with the ASUS Zenbook front and center for all to see. All around the Intel booth were various demos, with the Zenbook being used for a good chunk of them. They even demoed it playing Diablo 3, which was pretty smooth! Other ASUS products on display included the new lineup of ASUS AIO’s and the ROG G75 gaming notebook.

Next stop was our good friends at NVIDIA, who also had ample ASUS products on hand. Part of their booth featured a gaming area, complete with a clan gaming session. What desktops were they using? Why no other than the latest ROG Tytan! Later on in the day, they demoed the power of the Tegra 3 processors on their favorite tablet, the Transformer Prime. Even I learned a thing or two at the demo session!

The rest of the day was spent darting in and out of the ASUS booth and various hardware vendor’s booths, some of which featured ASUS products. Check out the full gallery below, and experience just a small part of Computex!

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