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We’ve looked at the ROG MATRIX HD 7970 before. It’s arguably the fastest and most powerful 28nm card thus far, packing an overclocked AMD HD 7970 GHz Edition GPU set to 1.1GHz. Overclocking fiends are bound to love the extras the engineers have managed to add here, such as solder-free VGA Hotwire and TweakIt overvolting. DIGI+ VRM voltage controllers, massive 20-phase power delivery with Super Alloy Power components, and instant 100% fan speed boost are all included. You even get a MATRIX-logo load indicator that changes colours based on how hard the card is working!

This is a massive graphics performer, and the one to get if you want all your games running at max. Plus, it’s been pivotal in several world overclocking records in recent times.

Of course, ROG also puts the GPU Tweak card-tuning utility in the package, but supplies are limited so if you want to get one of these I’d recommend securing your order soon. Platinum and standard editions available, and believe me, there’s actually nothing standard about the latter. Both are not in plentiful supply!

And now, let’s enjoy the video!


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