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Hey folks, Postal here with a hands-on look at the upcoming SABERTOOTH Z77 motherboard, the newest addition to the ASUS TUF Series that has continuously pumped out ultra-reliable products.

While I can’t talk about the performance features of Intel’s 3rd generation Ivy Bridge processors quite yet, I can delve into what makes the SABERTOOTH Z77 a beast of a motherboard.

At first glance, you’ll notice that there’s a black cover surrounding most of the motherboard. What is it you ask? Why, it’s none other than Thermal Armor, back again to keep things running cool. The TUF engineers outdid themselves this time, separating out the underneath of the shield into two distinct zones, each with a dedicated fan to keep high temperatures in check.

The other colors besides black are dark brown, light brown and a hint of white and green here and there, to sport an interesting camo style color scheme. Which fits well, considering the various TUF components littered throughout the motherboard are all made from military-grade material, so it’s built to last.

The SABERTOOTH Z77 also comes with covers called Dust Defender to, as you can guess from the name, defend itself from dust. Why dust? Well, besides being unsightly, dust buildup can actually damage the innards of your motherboard by trapping heat. Think of it like a thin, fuzzy sweater, and just like that sweater, it might make you sneeze. Second, those little particles can reek havoc on sensitive electrical connections found in the PCIe and memory slots, not to mention the USB connections, and cause system slowdowns. The Dust Defender covers fit snuggly into the various slots so dust can’t get in.

All in all, it looks pretty cool when everything’s slotted up, and not just because the pretty girl is holding the motherboard.

Something you might not noticed unless you took off the shielding are the extra holes that have been placed around the motherboard. Those weren’t just inserted to remove weight during shipping, no they actually help keep the underside of the motherboard cool, something that’s often overlooked. Little features like this show just a small amount of the detail and attention placed into creating this motherboard.

To go along with holes strategically placed throughout the board are the temperature sensors that are part of  Thermal Radar, which uses those sensors to automatically adjust fan speeds in the computer as needed so your computer can run with the perfect blend of sound and performance. Newly added to Thermal Radar is the Fan Overtime feature, which keeps those system fans running AFTER you shut down the PC, because that heat doesn’t go away immediately when you turn off the computer. The fans keep on going, so parts cool off faster, which means longer system component lifespans.

This is just one of the many Z77 motherboards that ASUS will release soon, and we can only hope that is soon, so until next time, keep on keeping on!

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