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ASUS Nexus 7
When you first get your Nexus 7 I am willing to bet that you’re a lot like I am with new tech. I tend to sit down with it and spend ages poking at the Settings and customising the various elements to suit. Now I don’t mean the hardcore stuff necessarily, that usually comes later, but adding in funky gallery shots and screensavers and sorting the camera settings out, that happens straight away.

The thing is, when you’ve just spent hours making your Nexus 7 look a lot like it has sidled onto a runway, like a supermodel equivalent, you want to show it off. And unlike the ASUS Transformer series which have a very helpful screen grab feature in the Settings, the Nexus 7 has no such goody hiding about those parts. A fairly exhaustive search conducted by Yours Truly proves that to be true.

So, how do you do a screengrab with your Nexus 7? The answer is delightfully simple. Just press the Volume Down button at the same time as pressing the Power button (both of these helpfully located on the right-hand side of your tablet when held vertically) and your Nexus 7 will take the shot.

This will not work with the Volume Up button, that will just make things noisier. Also, it is worth noting that the screen shot will not happen immediately, you need to hold both keys down for a bit before it makes a sweet sort of noise and a small animation shows the image disappearing to your Gallery folder.

And yes, that is where you need to go in order to find your screenshot and share it with the world. In my next post I’ll talk you through the various ways in which you can get that image out to the world.

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