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As we know, IFA 2012 has been taking Berlin by IT storm. One massive contender for showfloor master is the new ROG TYTAN CG8890 uber-gaming desktop. And when they kept the name TYTAN, they weren’t kidding. Just look at this guy:

Insert drum roll

The new TYTAN comes in a modular custom case that’s not just the size of a small car, it’s also capable of transforming at the press of a button. Hit the switch and the sides and top open up revealing the ten-way Crimson Fans. These fans are more than an aesthetic feature, they’re great for high-level cooling because the kind of gaming TYTAN’s meant to do certainly gets the tempratures a-rising, so thermal intelligence is in order. Oh, and let’s not forget you’re getting liquid cooling for the CPU to make sure heat is properly vanquished.

I'm a fan

There’s the Turbo Gear button which instantly overclocks the Core i7-3960X Ivy Bridge processor inside, boosting clocks across all six cores up to 4.2GHz, which is quite an impressive feat considering all you have to do is lift a finger and press. Ergo, impressive!

TYTAN is not for the faint of heart. It already made an impact at Taipei’s Computex. A rather handy GeForce GTX 690 graphics card is inside, cranking those graphics settings, and if I sound rather excited, it’s because I like ultra settings. A lot. With new screens offering quad HD resolutions like 2560 x 1440, that dual-GPU monster has the platform it needs to shine. Plus you can easily run four monitors on it.

ROG builders have stuck a 128GB SATA 6Gb/s RAID 0 SSD in the case. The keyboard? Tested to 50 million key presses. That’s a lot of reloading and grenade tossing. The mouse is also ROG-grade, with all your macros accommodated and 4000dpi.

This one is to keyboards the same way a 10 megatonne nuke is for bombs

For audio, premium ASUS Xonar hardware leaves vanilla motherboard audio weeping in the corner, which is a scenario your multiplayer opponents may need to become acquainted with since you’ll hear them clearly no matter how sneaky their game.

TYTAN offers somewhat of a unique proposition within the gaming desktop segment. First of all, it’s huge. Not just in size, but in actual power. It’s not some hastily put together config, we’re talking a deluxe machine that will last the lucky few quite a while. It also manages the trick of being at once ROG-subtle and sleek and eye-poppingly flashy. I mean, the case has motorised panels that open and close, and the front features bright red ground effect lighting.

Just like at Computex, I expect IFA goers to line up for a go at TYTAN CG8890. And it’ll be well-worth the wait. I’m just curious as to what games will be demoed on it, cause honestly there’s not much out there to tax this behemoth.

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