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Technology for kids is coming along in leaps and bounds. There is no doubt that the market for family technology has finally been recognised by all the big brands and that they’re all scurrying for a place. The thing is, when you really look at some of the devices that have been designed for kids they are quite limiting in many ways.

Yes, they’re clever, robust and packed full of educational apps, but they are not as flexible as the Nexus 7. I’ve always been somewhat against buying technology that’s smothered in pink or blue, slapping gender stereotypes onto technology is not the way forward. However, these devices are a lot more cost effective than the larger tablets, and most people can’t afford to spend that much on something that a child could, and will, conceivably damage.

ASUS Nexus 7

This is where the Nexus 7 steps in. It is very light and small enough for little hands to cope with easily. You can also buy a range of tough covers that will easily add to the protection of the Nexus 7 in case it is dropped, or to limit the contact of sticky fingers with the screen.  This won’t cost you a lot more to sort out and is a worthwhile investment even if you’re not letting your kids play around with it.

The Nexus 7 is also very easy to use, but not so easy that kids are instantly able to tap and play. They need to learn a bit about how it works, get to grips with the interface and the various icons. It asks them to think and to learn about Android’s UI and to figure things out for themselves. And it is here where I think it shines.

For the price tag, the Nexus 7 does more than just give your kids access to Google Play’s movies, books and music – although the easy access to books is priceless – it also challenges them to customise, to adapt, to learn and to really use technology properly. While it isn’t a price to be sneezed at, it is a lot less expensive than the larger tablets, and only a bit more expensive than the child-specific ranges.

I think that if you are looking for a tablet for kids then this is it, and don’t worry if you think they won’t understand or struggle. They will surprise you.

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