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When you’ve used an Android-based tablet for a while you’ll soon find it very difficult to return to anything else. The fact that it is slightly more demanding of the user is what makes it so enthralling. It asks you to think, to look around, to tweak and poke and customise, and to create a tablet that is optimised for you. This is what makes the world of tablets so exciting.

ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity

While you may approach the idea of turning things off or adding things, or playing around within the bowels of the system, it is actually a really good thing to do. Now, I must hasten to add here that this does not apply to suddenly attempting a ton of expert jiggery pokery that causes the entire system to collapse. No, I am referring to your experimenting with apps and system settings and enjoying the fact that sometimes they just won’t work.

Many a night has been spent with me on the sofa, hunched over my ASUS Transformer Infinity, and swearing, just a little bit, about the fact that something I have done has made everything stop working, or grind to a slow crawl, or something equally baffling. While these technical mysteries abound and often happen when you need them the least, there is something satisfying about sitting up and going, “Aha!” as you uncover the cause of the problem and get everything up and running again.

ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity

And that is why I adore having an Android-based tablet. I stick with my Infinity because, honestly, I need the keyboard and use it to work on. Don’t listen to those who say you can’t replace your netbook or laptop with the ASUS Transformer Infinity because I know of at least one other person who has happily done just that for a year now and has optimised his tablet to suit. It has worked perfectly for a busy lifestyle that demands constant commuting and visiting people across the UK, and it can for you.

So yes, this could very well be your Next Big Thing so take a look at the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity when it comes out and see for yourself.

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