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I have always thought that the design behind any piece of kit is a fascinating thing. How people come up with specific ideas, how they implement them, and what makes them add one thing, or take away another. ASUS has been around the design awards quite a few times now, winning several and critics noting their focus on delivering a sharp design (just look at the Zenbook for further proof).

When it came to the design of the ASUS RoG G75VW and G55VW gaming notebooks, however, ASUS was inspired by more than just looks – they took customer comments on board too. Recently RoG talked to the designer of these two gaming beauties, Skay Linn (who has the best name ever), and he told them that the shape and matt black exterior were inspired by the F117 Stealth Fighter.

ASUS G Series notebooks design

I mentioned in my previous post that these two new G Series notebooks were pretty much all round beasts and the new slimmer design supports that. If you compare the G55VW and the G75VW to the design of their predecessors, you’ll see that they are thinner which makes them easier to cart around with you. The G75VW with an 8-cell battery weighs in at 4.5kgs and the G55VW at 3.8kgs.

Obviously these are not designed to compete with the ultra portable market, not when they are packed with so many tasty specs, but in terms of power and portability, these two sit at an excellent point.

ASUS’ attention to the customer is reflected in the keyboard design as the chiclet style is easier to clean, there is more space under the arrow keys so your fingers don’t touch the wrist-pad, and the latter uses the dual-injection rubber as users said they preferred it. The touchpad has also be redesigned with brackets at the edges so users can instantly see the active area for responsive reaction times.

ASUS G Series notebooks design

The ASUS RoG G75VW and G55VW gaming notebooks have had quite a few tweaks made to overall design to make them slimmer, sleeker and easier to use. They’ve been optimised for the gamer in ways that make the experience that much more enjoyable and take the gamers quirks into consideration across the board.

Next up is a look at some of the other design areas with a focus on the internal specs. 

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