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et2700 all in one pcThe all-in-one PC is finally coming of age and the ET2700 series from ASUS has the features and power that take it to the next level. Ever fancied an all-in-one PC that allows ten point touching? This is it!

All-in-one PCs are ideal for the home. Whether you’re an avid internet lurker who cannot bear to be torn from the web, or you want your tech to look good, these devices have everything you need in a tight, compact, beautiful package.

The advantages of an all-in-one PC are clear – you get all the power with half the space and twice the looks. Slim and sexy, the ET2700 will fit neatly into your living spaces without looking cluttered. I am particularly keen to have one installed in my kitchen.


The ET2700XVT in concept

Kitchen? Yes, the kitchen. Because while my Eee Pad Transformer is a very handy device for reading recipes while whipping up delicious feasts, it is often stolen by my husband. Having the ET2700 neatly nestled on the wall means that the instructions are clearly visible AND nobody can wander off with it while I am in the middle of baking (yes, this has happened before).

Another ace place for the ET2700 is the bedroom. My husband is against having a TV in the bedroom, I think he sees it has giving in, so this will easily slip by his guard as it is a PC. But it is a PC that lets me watch movies and enjoy TV too. Ha! Finally I can curl up with a movie in bed.



et2700 all in one pcOther great uses for this lovely all-in-one PC include home multimedia centre, study centre for the kids, and internet explorer (excuse the pun). Imagine being able to quickly sort out your online banking, sort out your plane tickets, view photographs, and manage your accounts no matter which room you are in. You’re no longer tied to the study!

I find it quite brilliant that I can do everything I usually do on my desktop PC, but on this chic and compact all-in-one instead. It may not seem like much but when you have as limited a space in your home as I do, this kind of solution is really perfect.


ASUS ET2700XVT. It's biiiiig.

Not only is it compact and pretty but the feature list of the ET2700 is quite something. You get a 10 point capacitive touch screen, 178 degree wide viewing angle, wall mount capabilities, super thin sides, Sonic Master Audio for superior sound quality, USB 3.0 and connectivity options, HDMI for games and movies in HD, a double back light on a wider screen, Blue-ray 3D, and web 2.0.

I want it.

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