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Since it’s exceedingly nice weather here (sorry if your locale doesn’t share our blue skies), we decided to nip outside to do these photos, so that’s why this unboxing appears less game-centric and more Gardeners World.

Vulcan ANC headset box

Vulcan ANC headset box

The Vulcan ANC is not ASUS’s first headset, but it is the first ROG-classified one. This is due not just to the red and black color scheme, but mostly because of the larger and higher quality 40mm speakers for each ear, along with the Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) component that does its best to isolate you from a noisy LAN environment.

Look out for media reviews detailing all this very soon, but right now let’s see what do we get in the bos.

Opening up and we pop out the handy carry pouch and its manuals. OK so you’re unlikely to read them, but they are there anyway if you need.

Unzip the pouch and on one side there’s the Vulcan ANC all curled up, while on the other is a bag with the detachable microphone and a very long cable to connect up the headset to your PC. Whip those out and pop in the microphone if you need it, otherwise it can conveniently be stored in two small loops along the pouches inner edge.

As said, the cable that connects the Vulcan ANC to your PC is certainly long enough, with the single end plugging into the headset and the red and green jacks at the other end going into your PC. Towards the headset end is an ROG branded inline remote for adjusting the volume and microphone.

Vulcan ANC headset

The Vulcan ANC headset

The 325g ANC’s can be height adjusted on each ear, but be aware that you need a single AAA battery in the left ear, even if you’re not using the ANC feature. Naturally this means you should pop some spares into the pouch when you go to LANs, however a full charge should last 40 hours.

As ever, let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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