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Children respond well to activity based learning. Actually, we all respond well to that kind of stimulus. Dusty lectures rarely have as much of an impact as hands-on field work and stimulation of all the senses.

To support your child’s learning of the ICT curriculum at school there are ways of bringing their lessons to life online that won’t feel like homework. Here are 7 websites that support the ICT curriculum and that are also a lot of fun – for both of you!

1.  British Council Story Maker

The British Council site has a free programme designed to help kids learn English while having fun. Kids get to write their very own stories online and they learn spelling, punctuation and grammar at the same time. Excellent for developing creativity and encouraging independent thought.

2. Snapfish

asus inspirational sites for kids

While not an educational site per se, Snapfish happens to have a picture book creator. This is for the younger kids, definitely, as the book doesn’t ask for you to provide any words and there is little creative output. Instead kids feature as the “hero” of the book and this will encourage reading, self image identification, and word learning.

3. Holiday Boredom Busters

Designed to give bedraggled parents relief in the holidays, this site is an inspiration for both parties. Many of the activities – create your own treasure hunt, make your own news report or do your own newspaper – are completely in line with the curriculum, improving English, creativity and exploration of the world around. Holiday Boredom Busters is not a pretty site, but it has some fab resources.

4. Edublogs

asus inspirational sites for kids

Edublogs is a safe site specifically designed for kids. Here they can create their own personal blogs which remain private and secure from prying eyes, including yours! Tying in nicely with the curriculum skills in both ICT and English, a blog is an excellent outlet for creativity and writing. This site is designed more for the older child and student and has an entry fee.

5. Kids Learn To Blog

asus inspirational sites for kids

Kids Learn To Blog is for kids under 13 that includes information, lessons and other resources for children under 13 as well as their parents. There are articles on blogging techniques and best practises and advice on internet security, tips on teaching children how to blog and superb help and support.

6. Make Website

asus inspirational sites for kids

Make.Website is a very simple tool for kids that talks them through creating their own websites. Ideally for children in the older age bracket, the site supports the ICT curriculum, encourages creative play and individual expression. I think this is one of the most inspirational sites here as it encourages kids to really explore themselves and their ideas.

7. JumpCraft

asus websites to inspire kids

Teach your kids to code (a dying skill according to recent news) and create their own games with JumpCraft. An essential skill in a tech heavy world, code is the building block of our technology and this site makes it fun. Kids can create their very own games with guides, tutorials and advice on tap.

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