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tech in style teaser week computex 2011

Are you ready for Computex next week? One of the biggest tech show’s of the year is taking place in Taipei, Taiwan from 30th May to 3rd June. This week though – from the 23rd to 29th May – we’ll have a teaser of a new upcoming product from ASUS, every-single-day! All the posts are tagged and titled ‘teaser week’ so you’ll not miss out on anything exclusive.

These are hints at some of the brand new stuff due, before all will be fully revealed during the ASUS press conferences on Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st May.

For the next two weeks then we hope you join us here as we’ll be covering everything that’s launching – all the new products, videos and inside scoops of ASUS at Computex.

To start us off today we have exclusive pics of the brand new, never before seen tablet. Woohoo!

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to never miss out, and as ever feel free to drop a comment below any time.

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