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Corning gorilla glass
Corning Gorilla Glass

If you’ve read any of the Eee Pad Transformer descriptions you’ll have seen the term Corning Gorilla Glass bandied about quite a bit. This tough and rough substance has been around for a while now but there are many people (aka non geeks) who aren’t really sure what the significance of it is.

The thing with Gorilla Glass, you see, is that it is really, really hard to break or scratch or destroy. One of Gizmodo’s writers when hands-on with Gorilla Glass and he walked away impressed. This substance has been designed to be solid and durable enough to cope with all sorts of conditions.

And one condition that all parents need to watch out for is…the kids. The moment my Eee Pad Transformer arrived in the house my offspring descended upon it with an air of propriety. Two minutes later she had accessed programmes I didn’t know existed and was enjoying the pad with all the enthusiasm a five year old can muster.

Yes, she is only five.

So what does a child and Gorilla Glass have in common, I hear you ask? Well, the fact that Gorilla Glass is pretty much unbreakable means that when (not if, when) your pad falls to the floor of your lounge (we hope it is carpeted), your entire pad won’t smash to smithereens.

Eee pad transformerMine has been dropped. It has also been approached with sticky chocolate hands (not mine, this time) before I had the chance to stop them. In the first instance the Eee Pad Transformer landed on the carpet with a gentle “Thunk”. Not a tinkle or a crash.

The second half, the hands of chocolate doom, was fine thanks to the fact that the glass is very easy to clean. It doesn’t seem to hold onto finger oils and grease as avidly as other types of screen and you aren’t losing sensitivity either. It works really well and that makes it just perfect for tablets and for the children that end up using them

So, your Eee Pad Transformer is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass making it tough and resistant to scratches and bumps. An ideal addition to any home that has gadget loving parents and gadget loving kids. It’s strength and durability mean fewer hairy situations (think a slow motion shot of you screaming, “Noooo…”) but with less actual body hair.

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