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It’s wafer thin, Mr Creosote.

After our quick overview before, we’ve taken some more time with the camera to shoot some closeups of the U36SD’s stylish angles. Behold, it floats! (OK not really)

ASUS U36SD ultra thin laptop

ASUS U36SD - just 19mm thin, but with a full mobile CPU and Nvidia GPU squeezed in.

We also know a little more about the hardware spec too: the U36SD will feature a couple Second Generation (Sandy Bridge) Intel Core-i5 CPU options, as well as GeForce GT 520M graphics. That Nvidia GPU houses 48 shaders and comes with a dedicated 1GB of GDDR5 memory, which should give a bit of a performance boost beyond the Intel processor graphics.  The two can switch dynamically with Nvidia Optimus technology, so you can still benefit from the advantages of Intel QuickSync or Nvidia’s CUDA technology, depending on your applications needs.

ASUS U36SD ultra thin angles

Protractors at the ready! Some close ups of the angular angles:

The low power LED backlit display has a 16:9 aspect ratio, and the notebook comes with ASUS’ Power4Gear power management and Express Gate Cloud software that gives an 8-second boot into its custom Linux OS that includes Google Chrome web browser. In here you get the full use of its WiFi and Ethernet to connect to the internet, while the software can play music and photos from the hard drive, YouTube videos, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, play a few pre-installed games. It’s pretty ninja if you want to just quickly get on the net or check social media sites, although keep in mind it’s no Windows 7 replacement.


Opening up the razer thin LED backlit display

Just like the original U36Jc, the U36SD uses an innovative PCB design that suspends it half way between keyboard and undertray. This way air is pushed both above and below the PCB, cooling both sides at once, reducing hot-spots.

Hard drive and displays options should be similar to the previous U36Jc too. If you’re interested in the Sandy Bridge ultra thin update, let us know in the comments below!

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