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In bed with my Pad

Jessica –

It has now been about three weeks since I received my Asus Eee Pad and keyboard, so our relationship is getting into a more normal routine, and I am more familiar with the software.

In my first post I wrote about my first impressions from an aesthetic /object point of view. I would like to say that after some time in the company of my pad, I still feel I would like to have had colour options. I would also like to make the comment that the ON/OFF button needs to be pressed in for much longer than feels normal to turn the pad on. I still press it once or twice before pressing it in for about 3 seconds to turn on, (which feels like it should be turning it off, compared with other computers I have owned.) The Asus screen then takes a while to come on, so I often mistakenly think I haven’t correctly turned the pad on.

I have now got into a routine with the pad. For me it has become a primary leisure-time occupation… and I think it is at its best adapted for leisure. I am totally hooked on internet surfing for research, shopping, reading the news…all of which I can now do in the comfort of my bed with my first cup of tea in the morning, or with my last hot beverage of the night. I have a huge pile of cushions, two cats, my mug strategically poised and the pad sits comfortably against my lap. For reading purposes I find the weight and edge-finishing of the pad get uncomfortable after a while if held in the hand. Nothing beats an old lightweight paperback book for this. But propped against my legs, I can surf with ease and enjoyment on the internet…and as I said in my last post, now that I have adapted to the pad’s keyboard, and changed it for the standard ‘querty’…I am typing and writing emails etc with speed and agility. I haven’t used the supplementary keyboard for days and I haven’t missed it.

My new Eee Pad

My new Eee Pad

Another small negative comment would be that I generally use the pad so that its greatest length is vertical. This means that the on/off button, speakers etc are muffled in the bed linen or my clothes. This definitely affects sound and it means that sometimes I inadvertently press the buttons on the sides of the pad. I use it this way for emailing ease, and find that the shape is also better adapted this way for news site scrolling. The quality of the screen and the touch sensitivity are excellent…and I am getting pretty nimble with this, so scrolling and flicking through sites is a pleasure.

The pad stands near my bed on a pretty permanent basis now, and hasn’t had to be recharged for a while. Battery length seems to be about what was stated on the packaging. I have been really busy with work recently, so my pad has been most in use before and after office hours. Soon though I hope to be going on some short road trips for research, when I am looking forward to being able to take the pad with me in the special protective cover supplied with it. Until recently I only had access to a desk top, and I am delighting in the possibility of being mobile. Next time maybe I will be able to write from the pool side or the beach… but for now I can only complain that my late nights recently, have been due to my new addiction of emailing and newspaper reading in bed with my pad!

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